Hey! I’m Meghan Tonjes, a musician, podcaster, Youtuber and body-positive badass

My Youtube channel(s) have over 300k combined subscribers and around 33 million views, while my weekly podcast, Adventures in Roommating, currently has over two million listens.

  • Fall 2008 - Founded Project Lifesize, a body positive collaboration channel with a mission to engage and provoke thoughtful and honest conversations about bodies and self-confidence. Ended in 2012.
  • January 2011 -  Guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show to discuss bullying and the “It Get’s Better” initiative. Performed live cover and returned to meet Adele.
  • March 2011 - One of 25 video creators given a $35k grant to help fund future video production, attended 4-day Youtube Creator Camp in New York City for personalized training and mentoring to build brand and improve quality of content.
  • August 2012 - Toured with Ron Pope.
  • April 2013 -  Ford Fiesta Agent. Ford provided a 2014 Fiesta for 6 months (including gas + insurance) to 100 online influencers. Each month creators created buzz around the Ford Fiesta by taking on challenges (“missions”) and documenting the experience in dedicated videos.
  • May 2014 - Sparked criticism and garnered support when a photo of mine was falsely flagged and removed by Instagram. Instagram soon apologized for removing the image, but not before the #bootyrevolution began and the story went viral, being featured on national news outlets (CBS, Upworthy, Huffington Post and The Today Show).
  • December 2014 - Performed on Conan O’Brien with Hoodie Allen (backup vocals)
  • January 2016 - Featured vocalist on Hoodie Allen’s album (HAPPY CAMPER: “Are You Having Any Fun?”, “Intro To Anxiety”, “So Close To Happiness”)
  • March 2016 - Actor, Intricate Vengeance (New Form Digital/Dir. Mark Gantt/Written by Wilson Cleveland, Adrienne Arno, Kal-El Bogdanove)
  • Spring 2016 - Slated to Host a series called “SEXish”, produced by Morgan Spurlock (Not Yet Released)
  • July 2016 - Featured as Catherine The Great in an Epic Rap Battle (NOMINATED FOR 2016 STREAMY AWARD)

Currently, I reside in Los Angeles, California. I travel, tour, write music, do public speaking events and create weekly independent and branded content. Want to see/hear/know more?


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